Quicknotes: PHP Pear Modules

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Just really for my memory:

To install all of the above:

pear channel-discover pear.pearplex.net
pear install pearplex/PHPExcel
pear channel-discover pear.bairwell.com
pear install bairwell/Bairwell_Geocoder

If you want to make your own PEAR module, consider PHIX Project

Looking for a job?

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I’m aware that a few people are looking for jobs at the moment, so here’s a list of jobs I’m currently aware of.

All jobs are full time (unless noted) and are “on site” [no remote working] (unless noted). Jobs are current, to the best of my knowledge at 17th July 2012.

Memset, Guildford, Surrey
Multiple positions available:

  • Python Software Developer
  • Web Designer/Graphic Designer (Part time/flexible hours)
  • Junior Systems Administrator
  • Sales Administration Assistant
BBC, Salford Quays, Manchester
Web Developer
BBC, London
Software Engineer (Team Leader)
Get Extra, Hull
WordPress/PHP developer

The company I work for, and in fact 50% own, Bairwell Web Development isn’t currently looking for full time staff, but we are continually on the lookout for UK based freelance PHP/Perch/Wordpress developers we can either refer people to or to forward work to. If this includes you, please get in contact with your rates!

NEW FOR 23rd July

University of Bradford, Bradford
Clerical Assistant
Queen Mary, University of London, London
Recruitment and Outreach manager

Extracting orders from Magento

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We’re just experimenting with TrustPilot at the moment, but we needed to be able to import the customer name, order id and customer email address from our Magento shopping cart system into their system for population. Here’s the simple MySQL query we used to extract these details of all completed orders (i.e. not pending/processing ones) placed in the last two months:

CONCAT(sales_flat_order.customer_firstname,' ',sales_flat_order.customer_lastname),
FROM sales_flat_order
sales_flat_order.state='complete' AND
sales_flat_order.created_at>(CURDATE()-INTERVAL 2 MONTH)

Scam post mail from Smart Stamp

May 25th, 2012 by Richy B. 63 comments »

I’ve just received the following scam post by Royal Mail and I would be very very much interested in hearing back from anybody else who has received one. Please retain the envelope and any other correspondence! If you do receive a letter regarding a “relative” you have never heard of being involved in an accident and leaving you with millions of pounds/dollars, then it is a scam! Do not reply!

Posted in a white envelope with a Royal Mail SmartStamp 1st Class “£0.60 72AC 582U Post by 21.05.12” (I’m very much interested in scam emails from the sender code ’72AC 582U’: please contact me if you’ve got one). I received it on the 25th of May, but it had been forwarded from an old addres

Contact details in the letter include:
Dated: 4th April 2012
Email: lipei@yahoo.com
Tel: +852 8170 3961 (This appears to be a Hong Kong Skype number: at the very least a Hong Kong “forwarding” service with a number range very close to Skype’s)
Sender claims to be: “Lei Pei, Business Relations Manager for Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited in Hong Kong”

So if you’e received a scam email with either RoyalMail Smart Stamp code 72AC 582U (72AC582U) or referencing email address lipei77@yahoo.com or telephone number 852 8170 3961 (85281703961), please leave a comment – if you can include details of what details are the same and different and when you received the scam post, it would be appreciated.

This scam else where on the net:
* Earlswood Forshaweath – Email address taichan7@yahoo.com . Name “Mr Tai Chan”. Telephone number 852 8710 3961. Dated early May
* Who calls me – Number 852 8170 3961. Dates starting 14th August 2011. All regarding the same telephone number +852-8170-3961. Names “Cai Cheng”, “Jim Lu”, “Jin Chu”, Teddy Lung”, “David Chu”, “Lei Hu”, “Pete Zu” (also uses the number +852 8191 3202 and +852 3017 7332 and email address zu8872@ymail.com), “Kia Wu” (also uses the number +852 812 09 204), “Teo Cheng”, “McCallum Ma”, “Shun Zen”, “Boa Dishi” (also uses the email address bao.dishi@yahoo.com), “Jin Wang” (also uses email address jinwang54@ymail.com), “Leo Chan”, “Lee Shun” (also uses the number +852 8124 5797: also using SmartStamp 62AC 282U), unknown name (also uses email address xuxiao7@yahoo.com and phone number +852 8124 5797),

WordPress PHPStorm coding standards

May 24th, 2012 by Richy B. 2 comments »

I’m a regular user of JetBrains PhpStorm coding package and recently I’ve been doing a bit of WordPress orientated work – so how can I ensure my code matches the WordPress coding standards? Well, using Rarst’s WordPress coding standards helps.

  1. Just download the file and save it as “WordPress.xml” into your Php Storm folder such as .WebIde40/config/codestyles (on Linux, this was /home/[username]/.WebIde40/config/codestyles : I did have to show hidden files in Nautilus: on Windows it’ll be something like C:\Users\[username]\.WebIde40\config\codestyles\ ). To find your configuration file easily, run the following commands:
    • Linux: cd ~/.WebIde40/config/codestyles
    • Mac OS X: cd ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde40/codestyles
    • Windows: cd c:/Users/USERNAME/.WebIde40/config/codestyles
  2. Restart PhpStorm
  3. Load your project and go to “File -> Settings”
  4. Select “Project Settings -> Code Style”
  5. Select “Scheme: WordPress” and OK
  6. Select “Code -> Reformat code…” and wait for your code to be reformatted

This won’t catch every item (such as the Yoda conditions), but it’ll at least make it a bit closer.

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