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Richy's Random Ramblings

[Techy] localdomain settings in Linux Mint using DNSMasq

If you are developing websites on Linux Mint, then you might want to set a DNS Wildcard so that anything on localdomain (*.localdomain) resolves to your machine (i.e. test.localdomain , anything.localdomain). So how can you do this? First of all, you need to install dnsmasq “a lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server”, this can be simply done using: sudo apt-get install dnsmasq Now you just need to configure it. Create a file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/ using something like nano, pico, vi, emacs : sudo nano -w /etc/dnsmasq.d/localdomain.conf with the following settings: address=/localdomain/ listen-address= This will tell DNSMasq to setup a wildcard for everything on “localdomain” to point to and to listen for DNS requests on Now just restart DNSmasq: sudo service dnsmasq restart and you are nearly done. You now just need to change your DNS servers in network manager. On the Linux Mint task bar, right click on the network icon and select “Edit connections” and edit the connection you are using. Select “IPv4 Settings”. If you have “Automatic (DHCP)” selected, change it to “Automatic (DHCP Addresses only)”. Then add the DNS server and others of your choosing (such as the Google and…

Magento: Class Zend_log not found in GoMage Lightcheckout Help file

Do you receive an error message such as: Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Log’ not found in /…/app/code/local/GoMage/Checkout/Block/Adminhtml/System/Config/Fieldset/Help.php on line 48 when running the GoMage Lightcheckout v3.1 plugin for Magento? If so, it’s a quick fix: just open up that file and remove the section: protected function _getFieldsetCss() { $configCss = (string)$this->getGroup()->fieldset_css; return ‘config collapseable’.($configCss ? ‘ ‘ . $configCss : ”); } and your Magento ecommerce shop should start working! (Basically, in a recent version of Magento CE – version or before – that method was set as “protected” in Mage_Adminhtml_Block_System_Config_Form_Fieldset and so the child class GoMage_Checkout_Block_Adminhtml_System_Config_Fieldset_Help was not able to redeclare it).

Magento: Associating customer accounts

If you run a Magento e-commerce store, you may occasionally find existing customers placing orders without being logged into their account. This isn’t a problem usually, unless the customer is one of those vary rare ones which actually logs into the customer frontend to track/check their order(s). If they weren’t logged in, they won’t see the ecommerce order. So how do you fix this? Well, there is a Magneto module available to do this, but (as is increasingly common in the Magento world) it costs $99. Or there is my way which is free and requests two SQL statements: UPDATE sales_flat_order, customer_entity SET sales_flat_order.customer_id=customer_entity.entity_id WHERE UPDATE sales_flat_order_grid,sales_flat_order SET sales_flat_order_grid.customer_id=sales_flat_order.customer_id WHERE sales_flat_order_grid.increment_id=sales_flat_order.increment_id Done.

Dominos Pizza: Watch the deals

And whilst I’m ranting about Dominos Pizza, they have the following deals: “Feed Four for £5 each: 2 x Medium Pizzas, 1 x Garlic Pizza Bread, 1 x Potato Wedges plus 1 x bottle of 1.25l Coca Cola for only £19.99” “Double Deal Medium: 2 Medium Pizza (from the menu or create your own up to 4 toppings, Premium Crusts & Bases charged as extra ) £20.99” So, if you actually want 2 Medium pizzas (as we do), it works out £1 cheaper to get it with garlic bread, potato wedges and Cola!

Dominos Pizza Movie Deal

We were just looking for some food to eat on the Dominos Pizza website when I came across their “Box Busting deal” which includes “Large Pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges and a [current or library movie] rental” for £19.99. It looked tempting as we were possibly considering going to the cinema to see “something”, so I had a look at which films they had “stocked”. 1) It’s not clear that this are actually “streaming” videos: i.e. you aren’t actually renting a physical item to play in your DVD or Blu-Ray player 2) No technical specifications are given on the main site at (they are in the FAQ on though: an entirely separate site). 3) It says it can be viewed on a “PC or Mac” (is that Windows and Mac or “Windows, Linux, RISC OS” [i.e. anything in a “PC form factor] and Mac”) 4) It will” only work on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox 15, Opera 12.02, Chrome 21, IE9 and Safari 5.1.7″. I run Chrome 25 on my Linux laptop: can I actually play the movie (the “latest version” of “Chrome 21” as far as I can tell was Chrome 21.0.1180.90 (released September 24…