Books: Bible in Five Words

November 10th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

Davezilla (with thanks to Natalie) has got the entire Old Testament and New Testament of The Bible in ‘five words per chapter’ format. And with descriptions such as “Matthew: Verily, Christ was way cool.” how can you not enjoy the Bible?
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Techy: Autocompletion in Win2k

November 10th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

I run Windows 2000 Professional as a desktop PC (my server runs Debian Linux: using the best tools for the best job IMHO). But one thing I do like about Linux is the ‘auto-complete’ function (start typing a path, hit tab, and the path is filled in for you), but Win 2k doesn’t support it. Or does it?. Yep – once these simple instructons have been followed:

  1. Go Start->Run->’regedit’ (this starts the registry editor: so be careful!)
  2. Go to “My computer”->”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”->”SOFTWARE”->”Microsoft”->”Command Processor”
  3. Change the Command Processor key “CompletionChar” to ’09’ (it doesn’t matter if you have it in decimal or hexidecimal, as since the value is below decimal 10, it’s the same in both). 09 is the ASCII code of the TAB key (and that takes me back to my BBC programming days *sigh*)
  4. Exit regedit

Next time you are at the command line (Start->Run->cmd) try typing something like “cd Doc” and hitting TAB, it’ll change to ‘cd “Documents and Settings“‘ for you. Yipee!

Search: Mozzies – 24hrs left to go

November 10th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

Well, I’m currently joint 17th in the category of ‘Best Editall’ (with 5 votes: 2%) and joint 11th in ‘Best Ambassador’ category (with 8 votes: 4.8%) of the ‘November 2002 ODP Mozzie Awards’: and with less than 24hrs left of voting to go, it doesn’t look like I’m going to win either category. Drat. But first time I’ve really been nominated, so I suppose I shouldn’t hope for too much 🙂

It’s now 8.58am, and just about time I thought about going to sleep!
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Books: Distributed Proofreaders: 100 pages

November 10th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

Woo! I’ve just completed my 100th page for Distributed Proofreaders (see previous entry). 100 pages puts me in joint 236th position out of 3420 (I’m guessing quite a few people pick ‘100 pages’ as a good resting point). I’ve just been first-level proof reading “The Happy Adventurers” by Lydia Miller Middleton: ok, it’s a children’s book (about a time-travelling girl guide from the 30 pages of the first 60 I’ve read so far – unfortunately other people were working on the book at the same time so I didn’t get sequential pages). Oh, Sluggy Freelancer (a web comic strip about a freelance web designer, a deranged rabbit, a ferret, alien, ‘freelance bum’ and a few other things) is running a filler strip today. Drat. I was hoping the ‘Kitten II‘ strip would really get moving.

Search: ODP stats update

November 10th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

I feel just like keeping a quick record of how I’m editing in the ODP (mainly as I’m just trying to get a little distraction from the many many lines of PHP code that’s before my eyes). According to the current statistics, I’ve made 5,507 unique adds to the ODP, deleted 2,924 sites and moved 96 sites to unreviewed: making a total count of 11,108 modifications (spelling corrections, description changes, URL updates etc are included in that final number: that’s why it doesn’t add up correctly). Of course, sometimes moving a site counts as a delete+add, just moving sites from one unreviewed queue to another doesn’t count at all, and “spambusting” unreviewed queues aren’t recorded in my edit stats either (considering I’ve deleted over 500 spam submissions in one category before – it’ll be a big big number anyway 🙂 ). Over at Chefmoz, I’ve only made 43 modifications which have mainly consisted of 19 unique adds to the Leicester category. Oh, I’ve also got 255 posts over at Resource-Zone.
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