Techy: DNS took correctly?

November 8th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

It seems that the DNS changes I put in place yesterday seem to have “taken” correctly. But unfortunately, my home PC seems to have cached the DNS records so I can’t check to the degree I want to. Remote checks seem to indicate all is well, but I wanted to do a DNS ‘dig’ from my home machine (as I can’t do it from anywhere else because I’ve only allowed a set group of IP address that sort of access to the server). Looks like I’ll have to wait until I’ve rebooted to find out (I was actually thinking of giving my machine a few hours downtime tonight so I can get some data off my old machine – I’ve only got the one monitor you see, plus I want to give my main machine a few hours ‘rest’: it’s normally on 24/7!).

Fun: How much is inside a keg…

November 8th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

Woo! At long last Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed has updated his very strange, but enjoyable, site to include How Much Is Inside A Keg (of beer) – part of his How Much Is Inside… series strangely enough (so if you wanted to know how much was inside a lipstick, can of shaving cream, coffee or a whole heap of other things: then head along to his site). And, no, Rob hasn’t paid me to say all that (I’ve never corresponded with him), I just like his site.

I’m not too interested in the answer anyway, as I don’t drink beer or lager (can’t stand the stuff to be honest!).

Personal: Life can be cruel+Dublin notes

November 7th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

I managed to get to sleep around 5.30am yesterday morning. Not good. And today, I swear everything I watch on TV is intent on reminding me of my ex-fiancee.

Tried contacting her to give her my congratulations, but “The mobile phone you are calling is switched off”. Oh well. Also tried calling Kim again, but still getting the “We are unable to connect your call”. Blarg. Oh, and my “southern green eyed” friend returned my call and told me all about Ireland.
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Techy: DNS – Fingers Crossed

November 7th, 2002 by Richy B. No comments »

I’ve just requested that Network Solutions change the DNS servers of one of my domains to point to Name Servers I have direct control of (previously they were pointing at my web host’s NS’s, but I wanted a bit more control over the entries – making sub domains etc etc.

Thing is, although I’ve tested the DNS setup (and had it running on 4 other domain names for over a month), I’m still slightly nervous about this switch over. Mainly because if the DNS goes tits-up (which it shouldn’t do), then my website and main email address are off-line for 24 hours until I switch the DNS servers back. Well, fingers crossed – nothings gone wrong so far in the last few hours (the change over happened around 3 hours ago), I see no reason how it could go wrong, but… Just call me “Richy – the paranoid humanoid”.

Avoiding the Perl problem+Recruitment

October 21st, 2001 by Richy B. No comments »

[Note: this is an old blog entry which I used to have as a Slashdot journal entry. I thought I had lost it, but thanks to the Wayback machine, you can now see what I was blogging about all those many years ago.]

Entry date: Sunday October 21 @06:36PM [2001]

I found a work around for the Perl problem I reported on last week, it seems if you add a line similar to:


To your source code, DBI no longer causes your Windows 2000 machine to crash. If you increase or decrease the trace value though, expect the crashes to come back.

Only problem is, is that no body else seems to have encountered this problem.

Oh, Mitch Collis (the Operations Director at Cradley Print allowed me to hunt, find and assimilate (in other words – employ somebody) a ‘junior perl developer’ to help me as my workload has been booked up for several years already. I received around a dozen CVs from various agencies (Connex Recruitment [who have an annoying habit of sending outgoing Emails in MS Word format], Computer Futures, IT Executive and Forman Computer Staff). After applying my ‘criteria’ selection (staff between 18 and 30 with experience of Perl, HTML and similar technologies who are willing to work for less than 18,000UKP per year), I came out with 3 likelies. One of them, Tony Fox, was quite impressive on paper – despite only having a one-page CV. No other candidate supplied URLs, Tony supplied 8+, and his CV was ‘interesting’. He was my favourite candidate, but he was the second one to be interviewed.

Anyway, we (Mitch and myself) interviewed the first candidate (from Forman Computer Staff – although he was also available via Computer Futures) but found him a bit too ‘formal’ – plus he had well documentated and designed code with him – IMHO if people can afford to spend time documenting their code, they didn’t code to their full potential.

Tony came along and I was instantly impressed – Mitch came along and did his usual thing of offering Tony the job within a few minutes of meeting him (although I know Mitch was hanging outside the ‘Swallow Tail’ customer suite eavesdropping). However, Tony has a couple of other interviews to go to, so we’ve got to wait until Monday to hear. The third interview isn’t due until Monday afternoon, so we might have a ‘back-up’ candidate.

Personal life wise, although I’ve paid up to be listed on AmIHotOrNot and, I still haven’t found anybody yet, but I’m still deciding whether or not to try and make it up with my ex (Gaynor). I went around to see her flat today (for the first time since our breakup) and it wasn’t bad. We got along quite well, but wouldn’t let anything ‘too serious’ happen between us (kiss on the cheek was the limit).

She’s not sure whether or not she is in love with somebody called Mark – I certainly hope she isn’t. It’s bad enough with both of my sisters going out with two seperate lads called Mark, but my ex as well. It’s going be a nightmare!

Anyway, it’s 00:37 and I’ve got to be up at 5:00 to get ready for work. ALLO!

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