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Complaint to the BBC re: Doctor Who

April 24th, 2010
What were they thinking? #doctorwho #geekrage #bbcfail on Twitpic
Image from @fullmetalannie

For the first time in my life, I have just sent a letter of complaint to the BBC. Why? Well, during the climax of the episode of Doctor Who they had an on screen advert in bright yellow (the scene was set in a dark cave).

If you saw this and want to complain, you can do so via My complaint is at the bottom

Clip via DoctorWhoDomc. Contains spoilers

Other complaints which have been sent include ones from:

  • @denofgeek (text of complaint)
  • @katybairstow (text of complaint)
  • @ODSeanT “Animated Graham Norton ruined what was otherwise an excellent episode of #DoctorWho” (Source)
  • @mightyhorse82 “BBC your inscreen ad for OverTheRainbow at the end of #DoctorWho just makes me even less likely to watch that f…. bilge” (Source)
  • @capricorn_one “WHAT THE F… WAS THAT??? I’m refering to that on screen banner for the next show at the end of Dr Who #DoctorWho” (Source)
  • @richardpmilner “#bbc, don’t put a Graham Norton avatar/banner over the top of #doctorwho at the dramatically climactic moment. Away with your rainbow vomit.” (Source)
  • @stewart_Paske “#BBC1 shouldn’t compromise the dramatic integrity of #DoctorWho by splashing Graham Norton over the pivotal scene. #GetGrahamOutOfMyTardis” (Source)
  • @kaleidoscope27 “What the hell was that cartoon Graham Norton doing tainting my #DoctorWho?” (Source)
  • @pressfuturist “Am currently using the BBC complaint form to do my whyohwhyohwhy about GrahamNorton on #doctorwho (via @FullMetalAnnie )” (Source)
  • @nissemus “The way the Beeb ruined the end of #DoctorWho is proof that British TV is now being run by marketing morons rather than broadcasters.” (Source)
  • @simquayle “I am gratified that I was joined by most of Britain in a chorus of “What the… Get off my telly!” at the #Dorothy trail in #DoctorWho” (Source)
  • @fechtbuch “Tweet #bbcfail if you hated the yellow onscreen banner during the “one thing you don’t put in a trap…” speech. #doctorwho” (Source)
  • @drandreq “Why the f… is there a tiny Graham Norton dancing at the bottom of the screen? #doctorwho” (Source)
  • Daryl Millar: “The In-Programme Pointer for ‘Over The Rainbow’ during an incredibly tense ‘Doctor Who’ cliffhanger was completely unacceptable. If you hate them too, I urge you to submit a complaint to the BBC: If the BBC believe they can get away with it, I am certain that these banners will pop up during the episode every single week.” (Source)
  • “G G”: “The In-Programme Pointer for ‘Over The Rainbow’ during an incredibly tense ‘Doctor Who’ cliffhanger was completely unacceptable. All week we’ve had a preview scene of the Doctor doing a dramatic ‘you don’t want to trap me’ speech, a very tense moment in the show, which is going to end on a cliffhanger, at that very moment a reminder of the show coming on straight after Dr Who appeared on the screen. What was that all about? The tension had built up nicely in the show, one of the better episodes of late too, then this daft cartoon appears advertising Graham Norton’s show. We know what is on next, and would have found out in a few seconds anyway. Why do you treat us like idiots?” (Source)
  • Owen Blacker: “Dear Aunty, Using on-screen graphics to trail the next programme detracts from the programme one is watching, particularly when it a suspenseful scene in something like Doctor Who and when the DOG is animated. Please avoid using on-screen trailer graphics during primetime shows, especially when that show is likely to be generating a mood of suspense or anticipation that is destroyed by a moving graphic advertising another programme 15 seconds before the end of the closing scene of a two-part drama. The credits are a perfect opportunity to trail programmes about to start on the BBC channels, where graphics (animated or otherwise) will not detract from viewers’ enjoyment of the show they actually tuned in to watch. Yours, very disappointed” (Source: Facebook)
  • Facebook group

If you’ve complained, please let me know in the comments (if you’ve got a copy of the complaint then even better) so we can keep track of a rough number of them.

(From what I’ve heard from others, this advertisement was on only the standard BBC One Channel (not HD) and only on the non-Scottish regions)

Here’s the text of the letter I sent:
» Read more: Complaint to the BBC re: Doctor Who

Boys from the Red Dwarf and Krypton Factor coming back?

September 28th, 2008

It appears that after really long breaks, Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Kryten are making a return to our screens in new Red Dwarf Special Episodes (on the “Dave” channel). These specials are due to be broadcast next year (2009) with the original cast (Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn) to celebrate 21 years of Red Dwarf and more episodes may follow if they are a success.

The BBC also reports that the ITV game show The Krypton Factor is also due to make a return in 2009.

Look out late8-090’s – you’re due for a revival!

Mapping without Landmarks

August 9th, 2006

After the previous post on Wikimapia, it was coincidence that I came across the BBC News’ “Landmarks Quiz”. Can you recognise 10 photographs of areas of the UK – but without the distinctive landmarks?

I did quite well scoring 7 out of 10 – I would have probably scored higher if: a) I didn’t stop disbelieving my score after the 5th round (perfect score up to then) and b) if I had actually seen some of the places with or without the landmarks!

How well can you do?

Game: Fly the Copter

November 14th, 2002

There’s a fun little game on the website of SeeThru (a sort of ‘tie-in’ with the BBC 2 quite enjoyable, fun and interestingAttachments – see Digiguide information for a bit more info).

Anyways… in the Flash game, you have just got to Fly The Copter. Clicking and holding the left mouse button gives you elevation, not holding it leaves gravity to pull you down. I managed to score 839 – how about you?

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