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  • Blogging: New blog design v5?

    Well, this at least the 4th major redesign this blog has had (previous ones being: January 2005, August 2003, June 2003) and it’s the one I’ve spent least amount of time on, but looks the nicest in my opinion. I’m using a combination of TheBuckMaker’s Aerodrome theme with the WPTouch iPhone theme providing the iPhone […]

  • Blogging: Redesign completed

    Well, I’ve now finished the redesign of my blog (I think it’s the 3rd redesign so far) . It makes use of PHP, Javascript and CSS – and looks best in Mozilla Firefox (the little “date tabs”/”comments left” etc have rounded corners in Firefox instead of just being square tabs). The HTML (at least of […]

  • Blogging: New Look – Implemented

    Well, the redesign to Richy’s Random Ramblings is now up and active! What do you think? Apart from the CSS and HTML changes (including making the content come before the HTML and getting the CSS and HTML to validate), I’ve also made a number of back end changes so the system should “slide” onto the […]

  • Blogging: New Look

    Well, to coincide with the move to the new server, I’ve decided to give Richy’s Random Ramblings a whole new look: on the left you’ll find a clickable image which will load the full 70Kb screenshot I’ve taken of the new look site? Do you like it? Any comments would be appreciated as I’m not […]

  • Blog: Squash, Squish That Blog

    You may have noticed a very slight change in the look of Richy’s Random Ramblings today: that’s because I’ve been doing some “behind the scenes tinkering” to get the page to load a bit faster (all the graphics, CSS and Javascript now come down to a total of 40Kb: down from nearly 48Kb). How did […]