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Month: April 2003

Guess That Movie: LII: Loser

Kymberlie managed to only gain 95 points for round 51 as ph33r_m3 incorrectly guessed the movie “Barb Wire” by just 17 seconds before Kymberlie’s correct guess. The screen shot was taken from a movie I hadn’t really watched before, but when I did lay down and watch it (ahh – the benefits of having a TV capture card and DVD player in a bedroom based computer), I really did enjoy “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back” amazoncom:B00003CY67 . I really like “parody” based movies (hence why there has already been Austin Powers and Spaceballs featured here) and “Jay And Silent Bob” featured many parodies (Planet of The Apres, Charlies Angels, Star Wars, ET, Scream to name just a few of the obvious ones) and good lines such as “Call me Boo-boo-kitty-f*ck!” and “Don’t you recognise me? I’m the pie f*cker!/In prison, you’ll be the pie!”. It’s a good film if you don’t mind swearing, sexual references, references to drug usage, references to bestiality, references to …. Yep, it can be a quite offence film 🙂 Anyway, now for round 52 – just guess which movie this image has been taken from and leave your details. Here’s a clue: there’s a…

Techy: Kilobytes needed

Well, it looks like i’m already pushing my new computer to its limits and I need to consider upgrading it’s Kb storage capacity. To think my first computer – a ZX Spectrum – had just 48Kb of RAM which lasted my father and I for 5 years and then my dear old BBC B with its 32Kb of RAM which lasted me over 6years, it makes it seem a bit funny that my new wizz-bang 261,124Kb (or 256Mb if you prefer) machine needs upgrading within a month of its purchase… And the cost! For a DDR 333 RAM (which I need for my 533Mhz FSB P4 Dell) 512Mb DIMM will cost me a further £87.77 (excluding £9.40 delivery charge) – that’s one tenth of the price of the whole unit I originally purchased! The price of RAM is bound to go down over time, but can I really put up with the…annoy…ing.. pauses that long?

Guess That Movie: LI: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

Guess That Movie Round 51Roaarrr! “Godzilla” was the name of the Guess That Movie image round 50 with “Dr G” picking up the points for that one (which you can buy via amazoncom:0767817478 or [Order from] if you want) Perhaps I should have been a bit more strict and said that you had to specify exactly which version it was, but I’m feeling in a generous mood (whilst Kymberlie has been feeling a bit down – the two events aren’t related – but if you want to go and show her some love you can do so).

So round 51 has now come around and I had a whole selection of movies to pick from, but it was just selecting which one… I finally settled on this lovely image to the left which depicts a quite good looking blonde woman in a shiny black catsuit – I prefer brunettes myself, but if you want to go ahead and guess her phone number, feel free to forward it on to me!

Oh, sorry, it’s Guess That Movie isn’t it? Not “Guess The Womans Phone Number” – oh well, in that case just leave your name (or alias), email address (spam protected or not I don’t mind – only I’ve got access to the email addys anyway!) and the guess of the title of the movie you think the image has been taken from and away you go (to hopefully come back and find out you’ve picked up a number of points for the correct guess).

And now my “relive my youth” section with childrens cartoon lyrics (no extra points for recognising them though):

A: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back amazoncom:B00003CY67 [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Personal: Income Tax, No VAT…

Arrghhh! The other day I received my first “Self Assessment Tax Return” which means I’ve got to inform the tax office of all my income last tax year and let them know if I owe them any money or the other way round. For the last 12months, I’ve either been employed (and paying tax via PAYE – pay as you earn) or unemployed (where the tax is taken off my unemployment benefit at source), and since I’ve been employed from mid-January I’ve been paying “Emergency Tax” (i.e. tax at a higher rate than normal) as for some reason my “proper” tax code still hasn’t reached my work. However, I’ve also been running a small business which has been generating some income – around £2,500 to £3,500 at a rough estimate. But, alas, most (if not all) of that income disappears into business costs: I’ve got a dedicated web server in London which is a “necessary asset” to run the business: that’s around £3,000 I *should* be able to write off against the income, then I had to buy a new computer to conduct business on (another £880) and then there’s the dedicated work telephone line (only around £120 per year)…

Books: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix II

Whilst I may have come in for a little bit of stick by just the way I presented the facts about the new Harry Potter book back in January, I thought I’d just revisit the subject and do a quick summary of what more information has become available regarding “Potier De Harry Et L’Ordre De Phoenix” (and, no, I don’t know if that is the correct French translation of “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix”). “The Order Of The Phoenix” is available in two editions: the childrens edition and the Adults version. The childrens one is currently on “pre-order sale” at for just £8.49 (saving 50% off the normal retail price) and is a hardcover book with 768 pages due to be released on the 21st of June this year – the cover shows a golden phoenix bird emerging from the flames and is the first childrens edition book cover not to feature Harry Pottery himself on the book design. The Adults edition (which has a much darker and blacker cover with a silver Phoenix) is also available at the same price in the same format with the same number of pages – the only difference between…