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  • Who was in Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings

    After watching “Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings” last night, I wondered how many actors had been in Doctor Who, Eastenders and Coronation Street (three extremely popular UK TV shows) and therefore, being the geek I am, decided to find out. It turns out (according to the IMDB and a Google Spreadsheet: where the formula […]

  • [Movies] Brave or Braver

    Is it really non-commercial “piracy” “killing” the movie industry, or is it due to things like this which I saw in Sainsbury’s a month ago. Yep, Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” has only very recently gone in the cinema, yet “Brightspark” has “Braver” out about the “Bravest Princess in all time”.. Hmm…

  • Jaffa Cake Advert Found

    After my May 2005 blog post about a Jaffa Cake song, I’m overjoyed to say that “Jo” has found a YouTube copy: 1992 Jaffa Cake Calypso Song. Uploaded by CultOfJaffa Many thanks Jo!

  • Doctor Who: The Musical

    Doctor Who the musical

  • TV: BBC Apologies for Graham Norton IPP in Doctor Who

    Last night, myself and many others had our experience of Doctor Who interrupted due to an “In-Programme Promotion” for Graham Norton’s “Over The Rainbow” which followed Doctor Who. The BBC has, via their news site, released an apology headed “Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow” which said: Thousands of Doctor Who […]