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  • Complaint to the BBC re: Doctor Who

    For the first time in my life, I have just sent a letter of complaint to the BBC. Why? Well, during the climax of the episode of Doctor Who they had an on screen advert in bright yellow (the scene was set in a dark cave).

  • TV: Have I Got News For You Filming

    Quick overview of the fun that was had at the recording for the 1st episode of the new series of Have I Got News For You.

  • New Season Doctor Who Finale: De ja Who?

    Do you remember the 3rd season of the “New Doctor Who” when they brought the previously-thought-deceased Master back to life for the season finale? Do you remember the 4th season of the “New Doctor Who” when they brought all the “New Doctor’s companions” together, including the “trapped-in-parallel universe Rose Tyler” back for the season finale? […]

  • TV: New Red Dwarf Episodes Synposis

    As you may be aware, the boys from the crimson midget are back in Red Dwarf starting Friday the 10th of April at 9pm on Dave (part of the UK TV Network). But what’s going to be in the show on the Red Dwarf Easter weekend? Well, Richy has a couple of spoilers…

  • Watchmen Clip and Montage on iTunes Review

    Well, Katy and I were looking forward to watching the Watchmen, but after downloading and watching iTunes Exclusive Clip – Comic-Con 2008 Preview, I’m no no longer sure if I want to bother. I’ve heard Watchmen are good, have a strong history, but when trailers offer no explanation for the scenario, give very little detail […]