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Category: Snippet

Marking old posts

I’ve just added a piece of code from “Jem on WordPress” to flag that content older than 6 months on this blog may be inaccurate and not reflect “now” (this comes as I’ve just realised this would be my 996th [19 private, 6 drafts] post in a period of time spanning 15th of October 2001 to “today”: and that’s a long time in anybody’s book

Snippet: Predicted Caffeine Intake

Today I’m probably going to be consuming: 2x Mars Mochachino Hazlenut coffees (caffeine value unknown – one already drunk) 1x Mana Health Potion (160milligrams of caffeine) 1x Bawls G33k B33r (64milligrams of caffeine 1x Cherry Lucozade (46milligrams of caffeine) At least 1 cup of tea Total: At least 270milligrams Why? Well, just to try and keep me awake and warm. According to my other half 10grams of caffeine is lethal: so I’ll have less than a twentieth of a lethal dose (just 0.27grams). Giggity-giggity watch me turn to goo 😉

Snippet: Ok, who thinks I’m dead…

I was just looking up the dates of one of my namesakes who committed suicide (don’t ask), so I searched on Google for “richard chiswell suicide” (as you do): and my Twitter page came up as first result! The word “suicide” doesn’t appear on my twitter feed (Google admits it only “appears in links pointing to this page”), so I want to know just who thinks I’m dead!

News Snippet: Mythbuster Kari Byron is Pregnant

News just off the press direct from Mythbuster Adam Savage: Girl Geek Cutie Kari Byron is pregnant: there’s no word yet as to when the kid will be joining the Mythbusters team or in what capacity (Buster replacement or team member). Update: There’s a video available (of the “official announcement”: not a “making of”! – oooh, you are awful!)