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Games: Jackson Baby Drop

January 11th, 2003

[Michael Jackson Baby Drop]Can you remember back after “Wacko Jacko”‘s strange court photograph when Michael Jackson dangled his baby over a hotel balcony? Yep? Well so can a few other people on the web – and they’ve even made games about the “stunt”.

In the Mad Blast “New Michael Jackson Baby Drop” you’ve got to catch as many babies as you can in a minute by catching them in a basket – whilst avoiding strange red spiders which seem to plague him. For some reason, the game seems to momentarily freeze every third time the music repeats – but I’ve still managed to score 1,000 (found via Gamer’s Nook).

In the GodFart’s Michael Jackson’s Baby Drop Game – you are Adolf Hitler (?!?) and you’ve got to catch the babies (by using the left and right cursor keys on the keyboard) to catch the babies being thrown by Jacko and others. My highest score has been over 850 on this game.

The Electric Chicken has The Michael Jackson Bouncing Baby Balcony Bunjee where you (again using your left and right cursor keys) have got to catch the falling babies in a bag/sack. My highest score has been 12.

And last, but by no means least, it Liquid Generation’s Michael Jackson’s Dropping Babies game where you actually control Jackson and you’ve got to try and drop the babies into a crib/pram. You’ve got to score 10 points in 30 seconds to progress over each level – I only managed to get to stage 2 🙁 – but I blame that on the strange control system. You click with the mouse, hold and move (to position Jacko’s gloved hands) and then release.

Game: Dibblez

January 10th, 2003

[Dibblez]Dibblez is a fun little Flash game where you’ve simply got to get three or more “dibblez” (the little funny faced blobs) in a row – vertically or horizontally. You manage this by swapping the places of two dibblez at a time – no more, no less: plus there is the additional catch that if you don’t make a line with that swap, the dibblez go back to where they were.

My highest score so far has been 3,660 which included two bonuses (you accrue bonus points by getting more than 3 Dibblez in a line or managing to complete more than one line in a go – set it up correctly and you can get half-a-dozen lines going ‘pop’).

(Off-topic: I thought the word was spelt “swop”, but my spell checker says “swap” – oh well…)

Game: Pocketful of Stars

January 9th, 2003

[Pocketful Of Stars]In this cute little Flash game, Pocketful of Stars, you use your mouse to control a little girl who likes collecting stars. Just click on her, hold the mouse button down to increase her jumping power and then release it (all whilst keeping the mouse pointer over her) and then help guide her reflection to collect the stars.

You get extra points for collecting several stars in a jump and more points for a moving shooting star. The noises the little girl makes as she jumps are quite sweet – but it is difficult sometimes to keep the mouse pointer on her to make her jump.

My highest score so far has been 1418 (82 stars) – it shouldn’t be that difficult to break…

Game: Ant Wars

January 8th, 2003

[Ant]Ok since finding this game via Quanta, I’ve been playings Ant Wars for several hours(around 3 hours last night and 3 hours so far tonight) and I quite enjoy it (no I don’t, I just play games I really hate for hours on end 🙂 ).

It’s a bit like Sim City – but with Ants. You start off with around a dozen ants, and then you’ve got to hunt for food, enlarge the nest or hatch more ants. Only thing is – you can only select one “action” to do at a time. Sometimes the ants will act on their own initiative and enlarge the nest slightly or discover some food – but you’ve got to guide them.
And, like Sim City, you have disasters. Instead of Earthquakes, you have Buster the Bully with his magnifying glass burning the ants, or he’s starting an ant-farm and needs some specimens – you’ve also got floods (lots of rain), “monster attacks” (birds) and other things to look out for. You also get the chance to fight with other ants – don’t be lulled into thinking you win the fights against enemy ants everytime, they do win occasionally so check the odds (I didn’t and one of my colony’s was wiped out).
It’s hard to get to a population of 3,000 ants, and it’s extremely difficult to maintain it at the 5,000 level – but it is achievable (at least in the short term). This game, unlike many of the others I have mentioned here, just needs a standard web browser – no plugins (Flash or Java) required. However, because of that fact – every move you make is sent back to the remote server so it is slow… Perhaps if the designers of the game had made it into a Java applet, it would be even more addictive!

Game: Battleships

January 7th, 2003

[Battleships]Did you, like me, ever play Battleships when you were younger? You know – the game where each player would draw a grid on some paper (or have some ‘squared paper’ already at hand), mark where you wanted your ships – and then have to guess where the other player put theirs?

If so, you can now play Battleships on the internet. Complete with stereo sounds, status reports and good graphics – this game helps recreate the enjoyment I used to get. I don’t know how the programmers have designed the computer player’s artificial intelligence: but it’s beaten me once or twice! My highest score so far has been 3980 – surly you lot can do better. Can’t you?

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