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  • e-Commerce: Changing the VAT Rate in ClickCartPro (UK Edition)

    If you are using the UK edition of Kryptonic’s ClickCartPro ecommerce system (sold by Greenbarn Web) and you still haven’t updated the VAT rates in it to take into account the reduction in UK VAT on the 1st of December from 17.5% to 15%, then here’s how to do it. To change the VAT rate […]

  • PHP: Difference in Dates Using Zend_Date

    I’ve had to write some code recently that handles peoples ages based on their date of births… Something simple you expect, until you realise that PHP can’t really deal with years before 1970 (due to UNIX date time restrictions). Luckily Zend_Date (in the Zend Framework) comes to hand to help! But how do you actually […]

  • PHP: Zend Framework, MVC, Cookies and 4096 byte oddities

    A little word of warning which has puzzled me for over 3 hours in debugging… If you use Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->dispatch(); in your Zend Framework index.php file for firing off the MVC system, and the returned page is over 4096 bytes (4 kilobytes) in size you cannot set a cookie afterwards without causing the “fun” error “Cannot […]

  • Work: 10 Principles of the PHP Masters

    I’ve just come across 10 Principles Of The PHP Masters which has the following points (with my commentry added): 1. Use PHP Only When You Need It (Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP) PHP, like Perl, Javascript, ASP, C, Ruby, Python, C++, C# etc has it’s limitations and is more suitable for some jobs than others. […]

  • Freelancing/Consulting: What are the options?

    Sole trader, Limited company or umbrella company – what are the options for a new freelancing/consultant in the UK?