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  • Snippet: Parallel Processing in PHP

    *snippet* This is just a quick “bookmark” style post to remind me to look at the potential for utilising Parallel Processing in PHP using the “divide and conquer” method which may help in compiling/comparing stats in an application I’m working on.

  • Paypal Express Checkout and Recurring Payments

    Are you, like me, using Paypal Express Checkout for integration into your shopping cart/ecommerce site? Are you, like me, utilising the Paypal Subscriptions (Recurring Payments) options to set up future payments? Are you, like me, getting a blank page when you are trying to setup a Recurring payment (maybe using the PHP NVP kit) after […]

  • PHP: Zend Session: don’t set it up in the Initalizer

    I’ve just wasted a few hours trying to get Zend_Session (part of the PHP Zend Framework) working correctly – previously, on this codebase, I had “rolled my own” cookie and session management system, but I thought I’d do it properly and utilise the Zend_Session system and store it all in a database… It didn’t work. […]

  • PHP: md5 hashes, base_convert and 32 bit limitations

    I’ve had cause to convert an md5 hash from the standard hexadecimal base 16 to base 36 (mainly to make it shorter for presentation purposes). However, using base_convert in PHP proved unreliable as the string wouldn’t always convert back correctly. This is on 64 bit Linux, but I’m not certain PHP has been compiled with […]

  • PHP: Zend_Dojo_Form SubmitButton not showing

    In version 1.7.0 of the Zend Framework, specifically the Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_SubmitButton class (which makes the Zend_Form use the Dojo Javascript library), there is a small bug which prevents the label section of the Submit button being shown. To work around this, just add something like: $eElement->setDijitParam(‘label’,’Submit label’); to work around the issue. This is a known […]