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  • Running Jenkins CI for PHP on Amazon EC2 [2/7]

    Continued from Part 1 – Introduction Signing up to Amazon EC2 and starting your first image Sign up to Amazon’s AWS service at http://aws.amazon.com You will be prompted for payment details, but you won’t be charged if you use Amazon’s free Micro EC2 instance Wait for your account to be created – you will get […]

  • Running Jenkins CI for PHP on Amazon EC2 [1/7]

    Introduction To ensure code quality for your PHP application, you might want to use a continuous integration service such as Jenkins CI (previously known as Hudson) to run things like PHPUnit, Code Coverage checks, PHP Mess Detector etc. But how do you install and run this cheaply? This series of 7 “easy to follow” tutorials […]

  • PHP: Magento – current stock value

    If you run the Magento ecommerce shopping cart software and you want to find out how much your stock is worth, how many product lines you have stocked and how many individual items you have, you may find the following MySQL query handy. I’m assuming that you’ve created an attribute with the attribute code “supplier_price” […]

  • PHP Profilers – A Quick summary

    More an aid to memory then anything, here’s the PHP profilers I’ve recently heard about: XDebug by Derick Rethans The oldest and most well known profiler. Needs modification of the server’s PHP file to run. Compatible with KCachegrind/WinCacheGrind, MacCallGrind and Webgrind and remote debugging tools. Produces quite large debug files (typically 900Kb to 10Mb compare […]

  • PHP: Getting individual packages on Zend Framework

    @binarykitten (on Twitter) had the question I officially give up.. how the hell do you download only 1 component of the Zend Framework? I’ve been looking all over the site and I told her that I wasn’t aware of a method, that there were potential dependencies and to maybe try asking @calevans. He responded with […]