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April 13th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

SmokeyYep, that there’s a picture of my new pussy cat Smokey (or Smoky: I dunno what spelling it is). She’s around 3 years old and comes to me care of my parents (they had 4 cats: the grandmother Gizmo, her son Tigger and daughter Smokey and then then little tom cat Damien whose mother had to be put down after breaking her back trying to get through a window).

The reasons why I got Smokey are numerous. She’s been picked on by the other cats a bit recently (especially by her mother – Gizmo), she’s allergic to fleas and, whilst she has been treated for them, as soon as she gets rid of the fleas the other cats give her some more, plus I’ve been a bit lonely and just wanted some company.

She’s downstairs at the moment and I’m hoping she’ll get some sleep. I’ve had her now for around 6 hours (since my parents brought her round in a cat basket that she wasn’t too happy about being put into), but she’s still very nervous and frightened. At one point when I came through the living room door (which I had left purposely open for her to be able to investigate if she wanted), she did a little snarl/hiss at me until she recognised me.

I’ve given her some cat food, a little bit of cheese (as she’s partial to it – but too much will give her a stomach upset) and some wafer thin ham that I had in the fridge: and whilst she’s eaten the ham and cheese she hasn’t touched the cat food. I’m hoping she will eat when she feels hungry (obviously), but I just hope she settles in alright. Although I’ve cleaned a chair for her to sleep on and also put a box with a mat downstairs (for her to sleep in if she wants), she’s taken to at least “catnapping” (i.e. sleeping like a turkey – ready to awake at a moments notice) beside the edge of the sofa. You look down and you can’t see her (unless she’s looking back up at you and her eyes reflect the light), but I hope she’ll have a good proper sleep at some point (hence why I’ve left her alone with the doors closed – hoping she’ll feel safe and secure).

It’ll take her a few weeks to get used to the place and I’m not planning on letting her go out side until at least the middle of May, but it’s nice having a pet again. I just hope she likes me as much as I like having her here…


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  1. Congrats on the new cat and good luck. Bella was a handful when we first got her back in August because she wasn’t potty trained, but now that she is, she’s been a wonderful edition to our little family.

  2. Neil T. says:

    “whilst she’s eaten the ham and cheese she hasn’t touched the cat food.”

    Sounds like several felines that I know :). Hope she settles in alright.

  3. Omg, I love cats! I have a gray one with a white belly. But its short haired….I want a white persion cat. Those are awasome!

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