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Personal: MT Macro’s now working, but /dev/hda isn’t…

January 5th, 2005

Well, that’s good. Thanks to Neil’s suggestion about setting my templates to Static to make MTMacro work, I’ve now got my cute little smilies back 🙂 Yeah! The bad news is, I think I’ve got a hard drive failure on my home server. Last night I heard it making very strange chugging noises, SSH’d in and /var/log/messages was getting a lot of messages about potential failures of /dev/hda (the main HD). I shut it down and asked it to perform a FSCK (file system check) upon reboot, but as yet it hasn’t reappeared on my LAN. Looks like I’ll have to hook a monitor to the box and see what’s going on.

I just hope it hasn’t caused any damage to the software RAID0 system I’ve got configured: If so, I’ve lost nearly 400Gb of data (and if it’s taken the 4th HD with it – that’ll be 630Gb in total!). Next month I’m planning on buying a machine with 2Tb of storage in a RAID5 config so I’ll be really really annoyed if all that data’s gone [to give you an idea of the current storage requirements: That machine had around 600Gb of data on it, my “main” desktop machine has 270Gb of data on it, my laptop another 10Gb and then 150 CDs (practically 95Gb) that all needs transferring to a single server machine…

Yep, I’m a “data collector” 😉

Apart from that, I haven’t done much since yesterday. Went bed early yesterday (8.30pm), woke up by the Work servers at 2am, went back to sleep by around 5am then woke up again at 9.08am (without my alarm clock going off and 8minutes after I was meant to be at work!). I’m actually putting together a little submission to Behind The Front Line which I’m hosting for a mate, and believe me, the sort of strange and annoying queries I’ve dealt with today at work could probably double their current contributions!

Still to do:
* Finish the redesign of this blog: What do you think of it so far? Too bluish?
* Start the design of my own personal site (and upload holiday photos)
* Start the basic design of my father’s site and install a good CMS system for him
* Redesign my “old main money spinner” site
* Redesign/overhaul
* Launch at least 3 more sites
I’m planning on having most of them done by the end of this month. You can start laughing now 😉

Life: Shopping For Phone

November 27th, 2004

I popped into Leicester City Centre today to do some shopping. There’s 5 DVDs I want (price of £30 each – that’s practically triple the selling price of the new Harry Potter DVD) and I know HMV has a number of stores that stock them. So I pop into HMV and ask if they could order them from one of those stores – they can’t and I have to order them order the internet.
What’s the point of having a HMV store in Leicester, UK and a HMV store in Tokyo, Japan if you can’t order from one or another 🙁

Then I tried to buy a mobile phone. The only catch – I need it to work in Japan as well as the UK. Japan has it’s own cell/mobile phone system which is not used anywhere else in the world. Would like a phone similiar to my existing Nokia 6210 (slimish, not too big and not too small, WAP and infrared). I asked 4 stores their recommendations for these simple requirements: results were from the “Can’t help go away” to downright deceptive to “very sorry sir, can’t help but..” to “This should do”.
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Personal: Happy 25th Birthday Me!

June 14th, 2004
Birthday Richy!

Yeah, I know – I’m getting old (a quarter of a century!). Just wish I could remember why I bothered setting my phone to remind me it’s my birthday today – perhaps I thought that at this point my whatchamecallit thingybob would be so bad that I’d whizbangedthingy it’s my birthday today (the 15th of June).

Happy Birthday Richy!
Happy Birthday? How old am I?
25 sir!
Ooh, that’s terrible. Only yesterday I was 24, today I’m 25, by the end of the week I’ll be in my thirties. At least I’ve got all my marbles…Ah, don’t you just love the green ones

(with apologies to Spitting Image and the late great Ronald “Do the Ron” Regan)

Holiday: Books to buy

May 9th, 2004

I’m thinking of taking a holiday sometime in August or September and it’s just deciding which books to buy… I’ll leave you to guess where I’m going (hopefully) by the book list: any comments on the choice of books or areas to visit would be appreciated 😉

Lonely Planet Tokyo (Travel Guide) – Chris Rowthorn – £6.99 [Order from]
Lonely Planet Japan (Travel Guides) – Chris Taylor, John Ashbourne (Editor), Andrew Bender (Editor), David Atkinson (Editor) – £11.89 [Order from]/
Lonely Planet : Japanese Phrasebook – Kevin Chambers, Wesley Palmer, Yoshi Abe (Editor) – £4.50 [Order from]
The Rough Guide to Tokyo (Miniguides S.) – Jan Dodd, Simon Richmond – £5.59 [Order from]
Japan: The Rough Guide (Rough Guides) – Simon Richmond, Jan Dodd – £10.49 [Order from]

Diet: Sun 22 Feb

February 22nd, 2004

Allowed amounts (Guideline Daily Amounts):
2,500 calories
95g fat
7g salt

Amount eaten:
3xWeetabix Biscuits with milk (approx 192calories/1.5g fat)
1xIceland Good Choice Garlic Baguette (488 calories/12g fat/2.7g salt)
1xTesco HealthyLiving Chicken Salsa Pizza (418 calories/5.5g fat/1.5g salt)
3 Pancakes consisting of:
Greens Batter Mix (296 calories/9g fat)
1xMedium Fresh Free Range Egg (73.5 calories, 5.4g fat, 0.2g salt)
4 teaspoons sugar (64 calories)

Measurable Levels:
1,531.5 calories, 33.4g fat, 4.4g salt

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