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  • Boys from the Red Dwarf and Krypton Factor coming back?

    It appears that after really long breaks, Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Kryten are making a return to our screens in new Red Dwarf Special Episodes (on the “Dave” channel). These specials are due to be broadcast next year (2009) with the original cast (Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn) to celebrate […]

  • Richard Dawkins to appear in Dr.Who

    You may have heard the news that “outspoken atheist” Richard Dawkins (he who is married to “Romana) will appear in the new season of Dr.Who. That sparked a quite funny joke over at Slashdot: Dr Who: Richard, what are you doing with that fish, duct tape and four lizard legs? Dawkins: What, you think evolution […]

  • TV: Penn and Teller Bulls**t

    I’ve just heard a good quote from Penn And Teller’s BS! show: We like to give you both sides of the issue, you’ve heard the a**hole, now let’s interview the guy that’s right! – Penn Jillette, Penn and Teller’s BS, Series 5 Episode 9 (12th minute)- Energy Crises. Nobody said Penn and Teller weren’t biased, […]

  • TV: Adverts Per Hour

    My other half has got me watching Ugly Betty, but so that I can catch up with the episodes I’ve been watching pre-recorded episodes. I’ve just finished watching Episode 7 which according to the DVD player was 42 minutes long: however, the same episode on the UK TV schedules with advertisements takes up a 55 […]

  • Doctor Who

    Warning – this post contains spoilers concerning the ending of series “three” of the “New” BBC Doctor Who series with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman. Do not read on if you haven’t watched it and don’t want key details being given away.