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  • Jaffa Cake Advert Song Revisited

    Many thanks are due to Jo for the words of the Jaffa Cake Advert Song which went like: Jaffa, Jaffa, Jaffa, Jaffa Now listen general public for goodness sakes my family they go crazy for these jaffa cakes, like when I’m bouncing little baby on my knee, the first words that he speak were ‘they’re […]

  • Spiderman 3

    Yesterday I watched SpiderMan 3 with my other half and I must admit it did seem a bit “not good”. The opening credits were good – giving you a quick refresher of the previous two films, but then it was very slow going and some bits were just irrelevant (how “important” was it that we […]

  • Star Wars virginity

    This story on BBC news reminds me of my situation just a few months ago when I was a Star Wars virgin. Yep, until November time I hadn’t watched more than just a few minutes of Star Wars – but my other half made me watch it and like the guy in the BBC article, […]

  • Call me slow off the mark….

    I’ve just realised something…. When I was in Japan in September 2004, I brought a Japanese DVD. The DVD was in Japanese and since it was intended for the Japanese market, it was entirely in Japanese. I watched the DVD on the plane back and I’ve seen it several times since. Laying in bed just […]

  • TV: Which TV show is being advertised here?

    Here’s a trailer for a famous UK TV show that’s going over to America – but which show is it? Download link: Which show is this?