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  • Howard T. Duck

    Inspired by Les’s post on the Wilhelm Scream, I decided to watch “Howard the Duck” again (the 1986 comedy “flop”) starring Lea Thompson (better known to me as Lorraine McFly from Back to the Future). However, here’s a question for you – who was the Executive Producer of Howard the Duck? Was it: A: Robert […]

  • TV: Cutie Honey (Japanese)

    I’ve just watched the first 10 minutes of “Cutie Honey” (a Japanese anime where I’m not quite sure what the “target audience” is – the women seem to be very well endowded and bits of clothing keep on being torn off, but not in a sexual way..). Anyway – the main character “Honey” has just […]

  • Movies: Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider II

    What is it with me and Angelina Jolie in tight clothes? When I saw her in Hackers, I thought she was quite good looking and the preview images I’ve seen of Tomb Raider II of her in a wetsuit *drool*. I haven’t seen her in any films since Hackers, so don’t ask me to comment […]

  • TV: Cameron Won BB 2003

    Well, as expected and as you probably already know, Cameron Stout from the Orkneys (that’s oop in Scoutland) has managed to win £70,000 from the 2003 Channel 4 Big Brother UK TV show (Big Brother 4). Despite initially coming over as a bit boring in the early weeks (a 32 year old, virtually teetotal virgin […]

  • Movies: Charlies Machines

    Last night I watched the new “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” movie (not yet on general release here in the UK, but it premiered on Monday) and the night before I watched “Charlies Angels II: Full Throttle“. So, which did I prefer and why? Well, I’ve watched the original Charlies Angels movie and Bill […]