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Category: Life: TV and Movies

TV: Oneiric Accord Advert

You may have seen the new Honda Accord advertisement on television now (if not – have a look at the Macromedia Shockwave versions for 56k, 100k or 300k connections or the Quicktime version) – but were you aware that the advert is “real” (hence not computer generated as you’d expect nowadays), and that it took 606 takes to get right? It’s a fascinating two minute long advert for the new Accord car and I’ve watched it dozens of times already (at least 6 times tonight) as it’s just amazing – from the counterbalanced tyres going up hill, to the way everything just interacts perfectly. If only I had a complete drivers licence and money I’d probably go out an buy the new Honda Accord because the advert is so good (at least Honda are getting lots of mentions for the new Accord because of it – there’s two threads on Metafilter about it). According to what I’ve read about the advert, the music in the background near the end is “Rapper’s Delight” by “Grand Master Flash and the Sugar Hill Gang” and is probably based on the 30minute long 1987 French short film “The Way Things Go (Der Lauf Der…

TV: Extreme Sex

Just as I was finishing blinner (breakfast, lunch and dinner) around midnightish – along with reading the morning paper – I ended up channel surfing on my main TV and I came across a programme on Sky One called “Extreme Sex”. Anyway, a mistress on it (she’s pictured on the left) said that she moved to the UK 5 years ago and that “she’s European as she’s from Europe”: erm, isn’t the UK part of Europe? And she made it sound like Europe was a country upon itself… I may as well confess now, I have given up sex for Lent: yep, I’m going to try and avoid having sex until April the 20th – a bit like “40 Days and 40 Nights” – but it may be a close thing: fingers crossed that I should be getting my hands on some pussy within the fortnight… Ok – stop being dirty! I’m talking about a pussy cat here. My parents have 4 cats: 1 old female cat – Gizmo, 1 slightly younger female – Smokey – and male cat – Tigger, and a younger male cat – Damien (don’t ask: blame my younger sister!). But Gizmo’s been picking on Smokey…

TV: Doctor Who

I was flicking through the TV channels the other night and surfed into the middle of an episode of Doctor Who (starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor as the good looking Sophbie Aldred as his assistant Ace). I doubt very few teenage boys didn’t have a crush on Ace – and not just for her good looks but also because of her rebellious nature… Anyway, I had just flicked on UK Gold and came midway into the episode. I caught the Doctor saying “Last time I was on Earth, I left something behind” and I instantly said “The Hand Of Omega” before Ace did. That was just slightly weird – remembering the “next line” of a TV programme you haven’t seen in years and when you did see it, so it a maximum of twice. Thanks to George Sewell appearing in the episode as “Ratcliffe” (I recognised him from Jasper Carrott’s “The Detectives” where he plays Detective Superintendent Frank Cottam), I’ve managed to find out that it was Season 25, story 152 of Doctor Who – “Remembrance Of The Daleks”. Saying that, there can’t be too many Dr.Who stories based in Coldhill School (yep, I did remember the name of…

TV: Wobble and Bob II

I’ve just caught the latest episode of “Wobble and Bob” on MTV UK (NTL analogue cable channel 12) – it’s on at 9.58pm: just before Jackass. I must admit, I didn’t think much of the Psychiatrist episode (Bob goes to see a psychiatrists, explains that he sold his house so Webbl – sorry, Wobble, could buy a rocket, and then the psychiatrist is next seen begging for money). It’s not an episode on the official “Weebl and Bob” website (there are only 25 episodes available there), but “Weebl” (actually J.Picking) has stated in the forums that he has done some episodes especially for MTV:UK and until they give the “say so” they can’t appear on his website. There are also meant to be official “Wobble and Bob” black t-shirts (made in China) coming out soon, but there are some semi-official “Weebl and Bob” ones out already. My favourite episode? Well, I think the first one – “Pie!” would be the one (especially how Weebl/Wobble looks around before shouting) but the two of “Bob’s Trip to France” are quite good as well.

TV: Graham Norton Separates Eggs

Spooky! I sat down last night to watch an episode of V Graham Norton that I recorded at some point (I think it was actually Wednesday – but it could have been even further back) and what do I see Graham showing one of his guests? The Peter Petrie Egg Separator that I blogged about way back on the 23rd of November: whilst I’d like to think that the show’s researchers found it via my blog, I doubt they really did. When Graham demonstrated it on the show, the look of repulsion from the guests (Rod Stewart and Rosanna Arquette) was good to watch – but unfortunately the egg separator didn’t quite perform as advertised. The yolk followed the albumen through the nose of the egg separator into a cup. Oh well.