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Category: Net: Memes

Meme: How open source are you?

Here’s a little geeky meme from Neil:

“Below are a series of headers for different programs you use on your computer. For each one, say what program it is, whether it’s open source or not, and what you like about it.”

Score of: 3.5 open source programs out of 12.5 (“Compression” category counts as 2x 0.5 as I tend to use two programs)
Score of: 5.5 free programs out of 12.5 (“Compression” category counts as 2x 0.5 as I tend to use two programs)

Operating System: Windows: Not Open Source
I use Windows XP (with the “Classic 2000” style) as it’s what I’m used to “on the desktop” and for compatibility purposes (as the majority of the customers I support in a tech support capacity and my Dad tend to run Windows XP). I do have RedHat Enterprise Linux installed on the server which hosts my blog and a few other sites (that’s only accessible via the command line/SSH though) and running RedHat Fedora Linux on my home server (mainly operating through the command line, but it does have the Gnome desktop installed which can is very very similar to Windows).

200 Questions

Well, after a very laszy weekend (awake around 4 hours out 24 yesterday – went to bed around 10pm on Friday night and “properly got up” at 11am this Sunday morning: mainly because of a wrong number telephone call), I now need to start designing our next “killer app” for work (yeah, I know we’re mainly in the web hosting biz, but we need the technology behind it to make things “work brilliantly”). However, until I’ve spec’d things out in my head and my work emails finished downloading (only another 228 emails to go), I thought I’d add a blog entry and since Jay Allen’s done it, Christine’s done it, Neil’s done it and Daisy’s done it (along with many others – it appears to have started from Realization), here’s my “200 things list” – things that I’ve done have been bolded. Bought everyone in the pub a drink – We did have the benefit that the pub had just opened and there were just the 4 of us in there Swam with wild dolphins Climbed a mountain – I attempted to climb Mt.Snowdon in Wales (didn’t even get a quarter of the way up) and I planned to go…

Memes: Friday Five

Ahh, I haven’t done a “Meme” for ages and since it seems nearly everybody else on my blogroll has done this weeks Friday Five, I thought I’d join in 😉

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Typically around 18 hours a day. Yep: that’s roughly 8 hours away from the ‘net per day (around 7 hours sleep per day). I does help that I work as a systems/servers/network administrator and search engine optimizer and hence need a lot of network access during the working day… I’m actually semi dreading my forthcoming holiday because of this: it’ll be the longest I’ve been “net-less” for over 6 years and I’m dreading the amount of email I’ll have when I return (an average of 3,000 emails per day [mostly spam] with a 7 day holiday… *gulp*).

Do you think I’ll get withdrawal symptoms?

Memes: Saturday Scruples

Saturday ScruplesSince the owners of Saturday Scruples were kind enough to give me free 25 shares on Blogshares (I then gave them 25 of mine and brought some more of theirs), I thought I’d do this weeks questions to see how I like it:

You’re on (the) city council. Police want to place surveillance cameras on the downtown streets to deter crime and save money. Do you vote for it?
Yes. Whilst I do respect peoples privacy and tend to sway on the side of “keep private stuff private”, a public street isn’t a private area. Surveillance cameras have been proven to decrease camera by a degree (and no, I don’t have the facts or figures to hand) and so I’ll support a proposal like this.

Friday Group Therapy: Weight And Food

[Friday Group Therapy and McDonalds]Common sense has prevailed! (I actually typed that before I realised that a McDonald’s spokesman said exactly the same thing). An American court has dismissed a lawsuit by a group of American teenagers who claim that McDonalds is responsible for their obesity.

Brian has decided to make the issue of “Weight and Food” the subject of this weeks Friday Group Therapy.

  1. How do you feel about your weight?
    I’m quite alright with my body’s shape, size and weight – I’m an ectomorph which means I’m naturally a bit on the thin/tall side of things – in the past few years I have started to develop a bit of a “berry belly” (even though I hate beer and larger) but I suppose if I exercised a little bit more it would disappear in due course (apart from walking to and from work and up and down my stairs I get no exercise at all).

    Last time I was weighed (it was around 3 months ago when I went for my “initial checkup/welcome” at my Doctors: despite being a patient there for two years – I hadn’t needed to go an introduce myself before then), I was around 13stone in weight (that’s around 82.5Kg or 182lbs). My Body Mass Indicator (BMI) value is 23.4 (as I’m 6ft 2" tall) which is “normal weight” (18.5 to 24.9). Until a few years ago, I was constantly in the “Underweight” category as I just didn’t seem to put weight on (despite daily meals of: two bacon sandwiches before I left the house, a fry-up breakfast of two sausages, bacon, eggs, hash brown, black pudding, beans and toast at work, something “snacky” for lunch, a largish dinner and then supper). It could be because I’ve been eating more “junk food” recently…